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Third Way founders, Jared Angaza and Peter Lisoskie spend part of their time mastering the art of bot design at BOT//NATION. As they’ve developed in that space, they have realized the potential of bots for philanthropic purposes. Below are some of the “Bots for Humanity” frameworks we are developing now.

We’re also researching and developing concepts for bots that help people navigate the processes of Immigration, Health Care, Training, Supply Chain Transparency, and other social issues.

One of our primary focuses now is on integrating Bot technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain into a comprehensive solution. 

We’re always looking for interesting partners and collaboration as we develop. If you’re interested in joining us, let’s connect!

"Change is never easy, and it often creates discord, but when people come together for the good of humanity and the Earth, we can accomplish great things."

David Suzuki
Environmentalist & Founder of the Davide Suzuki Foundation


The purpose of our CosmaBot framework is to contribute to the global movement for revitalizing our planet (combating climate change). It’s designed to appeal to people that are passionate about protecting our planet as well as people that may be completely uneducated about our impact on the planet.

CosmaBot contains a grouping of summarized scientific information about scientific realities of the ecological state of our planet. The bot offers a collective perspective of the wisest and most influential organizations and individuals that have dedicated themselves to preserving and bolstering the vitality of our planet.

But this isn’t just about doom and gloom. It’s designed to actually lead people on a path towards adjusting their lifestyle such that it contributes to a healthier planet. It’s packed full of great information compiled by some of the greatest climate activist leadership in the world.

These organizations and individuals have come together to provide a comprehensive knowledge base, resources, guides, inspiration, and community platform. In order to captivate the audience, CosmaBot offers contests, surveys, meetups, community activities, and other challenges that inspire people to engage and stay involved.

CosmaBot’s vision is to bring like-minded people and organizations together for the common goal of educating and empowering the masses to play an active role in not just protecting, but bolstering the vitality our planet.

Selected Features

Fossil Fuel Divestment Strategies
Protection of Indigenous Lands
Protection of National Monuments
Sanitation and Water Clean Supply
Land Conservation
Water Protection
Scientific Education
Community Building
Resource Sharing
Direct Connection to Resources
Policies & Law Reform
Renewable Energy Education & News
Zero Waste Programs
Contests & Surveys

"Native American isn’t blood. It is what is in the heart. The love for the land, the respect for it, those who inhabit it, and the respect and acknowledgment of the spirits and elders. That is what it is to be Indian."

White Feather
Navajo Medicine Man


A large portion of indigenous people have been not been afforded the opportunity to learn about their basic human right of learning their own history and culture. Furthermore, most non-indigenous people have little understanding of the truths that have been stifled or snuffed out by the developing world.

We believe these pre-colonial indigenous cultures contain many of the perspectives and practices that can help society begin to come back into harmony with humanity and our planet, and are therefore play a vital role in human evolution.

Many of the today’s youth tend to be reluctant to study these important elements and are often struggling with addiction to technological devices, games, and other media. We intend to use technology to “come to them where they’re at”, and then use it to help them connect with their history, culture, and community.

Indigibot’s purpose is to promote a deep understanding, reverence, and integration of indigenous culture into our modern society. The hope is that this integration will help to preserve and bolster indigenous cultures and ensure that they play a leading role in the evolution of society.

Selected Features

History & Culture
Principles & Ways
Current Issues
Indigenous Leadership
Community & Network
Education Programs
Resource Sharing
Social Agreements & Policy
Direct Connection to Resources
Contests & Surveys
Applying Indigenous
Culture in Modern Society

“If facts had any value, if they truly illuminated us, if they unquestionably stood for truth, the Manhattan phone directory would be the book of books." 
Facts are important, but “they do not illuminate”.

Werner Herzog
Visionary Film Maker


We’re collaborating with cinematographers, VR and AR innovators, educational institutions, and the scientific community to develop frameworks for VR experiences that will help people “feel” what it’s like to view Earth from space, or be a glacier in the Arctic, or experience life through someone else’s perspective.

As we walk through the life of nature and other humans, we hope that the experience of living life in someone else’s shoes will help us embrace our interconnectedness and promote societal harmony.

Cinematic History

As early as the 4th and 5th centuries BC, the Chinese and then the Greeks were beginning to enhance their storytelling abilities with the invention of camera obscura and the pinhole camera. Though rudimentary, these techniques helped to provide depth and nuance that had never been possible before.

Then in the 1830s, moving images were produced on revolving drums and disks. Within 50 years, Edison had invented the Vitascope projector, the first commercially successful projector in the U.S. in 1902 Edward Raymond Turner produced the first films with a natural color process. IMAX was developed in the 1970s and by 2010 the majority of the film industry moved into the world of digital film.


Today, we live in a world of Augmented and Virtual Reality designed to transport us to another place or provide us with a deeper experience. These technologies have elevated our entertainment abilities exponentially. Additionally, they help us navigate important discoveries in Social Sciences, Psychology, Healthcare, Anxiety Disorders, Education, Space Training, Flight Simulation, and much more.

We’re able to explore new possibilities and frontiers like never before. These endeavors are helping us experience a deeper understanding of humanity and our cosmos.

Our Mission

Today, people can experience Virtual Reality gaming and movies on demand in HD with surround sound, while sitting on their couch or in the bed. They no longer have to go to the cinema for these experiences. In 1995 there were almost 8,000 cinemas across the United States. Today there are just over 5,000.
We’re designing an experience that utilizes the most advanced technologies in VR, AR, POV, and Cinematography that could be rolled out in cinemas across the nation. Our vision is to offer a perspective altering, potentially transformational experience for viewers while also adding unique value to declining cinemas in the US. 
In Frank White’s profoundly important book, The Overview Effect, he discovered that astronauts that had orbited our Earth had experienced a cognitive shift in their perception of our planet and humanity. From space, they did not see a planet with borders, differing races or any other types of division. They viewed Earth as a living, breathing organization that each of us is part of; completely interconnected. 

While we can’t send everyone to space (yet), Virtual Reality certainly allows us to get closer to inciting this type of visceral awareness that could potentially result in a cognitive shift towards a more interconnected perspective.

The intention is that this experience would break down psychological barriers and misperceptions that divide us. In every instance, whether the experience is about a tree, a whale, or a human life, the hope is that it will help people understand that each of these entities is interconnected with an innate desire to self actualize, feel loved and experience a joyous existence.


We’re collaborating with cinematographers, VR and AR innovators, educational institutions, and the scientific community to develop frameworks for VR experiences that will help people “feel” what it’s like to view Earth from space, or be a glacier in the Arctic, or experience life through someone else’s perspective. 
The experience is designed to create a “Visceral Awareness Experience" that could potentially facilitate a cognitive shift that promotes empathy, understanding, tolerance, deeper understanding, and harmony between people and nature.  
The experience will include introductory and aftercare resources and processes, to help people integrate their experience into their everyday lifestyle.  


Here are some of the experiences we are developing. We’re currently partnering with various individuals and institutions that have a deep understanding of these specific cultures and sciences of focus.

Imagine what it would be like to be a tree in the Amazon or a black female in the United States. We’ll travel back in time to each element’s origins and then move forward throughout their life up till present day. Our hope is that the experience of living life in someone else’s shoes will help us to embrace our interconnectedness and promote societal harmony.

We Are Planetary Beings

The Overview Effect
Life of a Glacier in Antartica
Life of a Tree in the Amazon Forrest
Life of a Whale in the Pacific Ocean
Life of a Gorilla in the Jungles of Rwanda
Life of Water on Earth (ocean, rivers, subterranean, rain, etc.)

The Humanity Experience

A Black Family in America
A Lakota Family in America
A Mexican Man Family in America
A Blue Factory Worker Family in Detroit
A Midwest Farm Family
A Syrian Refugee Family
A Person Struggling with ALS
A Person Struggling with Cancer


We work with individuals, brands, and institutions that are developing innovative technology and experiences for the purpose of promoting harmony between people, commerce, and planet. 

If you're interested in our services, would like to talk about collaboration,
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