We design communications and technological experiences that extend our cognitive reach and bolster the harmony and vitality of our existence.

"The value of technology should be judged by its likelihood to foster harmony and deepen our connection to one another and our planet."
Jared Angaza 


Third Way hopes to inspire new ways of living, thinking, and commerce through enhanced conversations and communications. We design perspective-altering experiences and work with our partners and clients to develop cultures of innovation.

Our continued evolution is dependent on our willingness and ability to ask the right questions. Questions that disrupt the status quo and facilitate conversations that can extend our cognitive reach and bolster the vitality of our existence.

What is this really about? How will this influence my perspective or our culture as a whole? What is the most likely outcome of this experience? Will it bring me authentic happiness? Will it help me connect with others at a deeper level? How could this impact our planet and future generations? Is this designed to promote harmony between people, commerce, and planet?

Technology is the platform of communication and awareness in the modern age. How do we engage with technology in a way that enhances our lives? We must employ "seventh generation thinking" and leverage technology to facilitate our path into harmony.

We work with brands, institutions, and individuals that are creating innovative solutions to the worlds most complicated problems. 


We develop innovative methods for analyzing, valuing, and designing technology and cultures that promote harmony between people, commerce, and planet.


We ask provocative questions that bolster the imagination, break through barriers, unearth root causes, and work to incite a cognitive shift.


We are continuing the evolution of conversation such that we are able to facilitate deeper, more engaged, interdependent social relationships.


Our purpose is to design and promote technologies that
bolster the vitality of humanity and our planet.


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We work with individuals, brands, and institutions that are developing innovative technology and experiences for the purpose of promoting harmony between people, commerce, and planet. 

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